‘They moved tons of cocaine from South America, they were real dome’. Vanquished organization of Albanian drug traffickers: 20 arrests

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They had direct contact with the South American drug traffickers and they managed to get there tons of cocaine on board commercial cargo in major European ports, in particular Antwerp, Rotterdam e Bremen. An international survey conducted by a “Joint Investigation Team consisting of the Central Operational Service of the Central Anti-Crime Directorate, the Florence Mobile Team, the Dutch Finec and the Central Directorate for Drug Services, with the coordination of Eurojust ed Europol, of the National Anti-Mafia and Counter-Terrorism Directorate and the Central Directorate of Criminal Police ”, led to the maxi-operation named The whites that defeated “the criminal cartel Bello Company, considered leader of Albanian groups specialized in drug trafficking on the continent “and which was headed by a real one “cupola” from which the strategic directives descended.

The operation led toarrest of 20 people in prison, all of Albanian origin, but in total they are 31 pre-trial detention measures arranged. During the investigation they were also seized over 5.5 million euros it’s almost 4 tons of cocaine. The accusations against them, for various reasons, are of criminal association aimed at international drug trafficking, detention and drug dealing. The arrests involved the Italian cities of Florence, Genoa, Modena, Pisa and Lucca, as well as a number of foreign countries including Albania, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Greece, Holland, Romania, Hungary and Ecuador.

The Kompania Bello cartel, explains the police, was an organization “in all respects parallel to that of the big South American cartels” and is to be considered “the undisputed and top point of reference for Albanian groups specialized in drug trafficking” . Such an important brand, with branches in Italy, Holland, Belgium, Ecuador, Austria, Switzerland, France, Switzerland, France, Norway, Turkey, Germany, that the own brand ‘Bello’ as a guarantee of product quality: “That of the brand on the blocks, almost as a guarantee of product quality, is an absolute and surprising novelty, which emerged in five years of investigations”, he highlighted during the press conference in the bunker hall in Florence the national anti-mafia prosecutor, Federico Cafiero De Raho.

“Sometimes we are led to think that Albanian criminal organizations are second-rate. The operation The whites it demonstrates, instead, that Albanian criminals have great abilities, coming to deal directly with the Latin American drug trafficking cartels, maintaining stable relations with them. Furthermore, the investigations made it possible to ascertain the existence of an Albanian criminal superstructure ”, a sort of dome, from which the strategic directives descended, explains De Raho. The prosecutor then added that the Albanian criminal organizations “operate with an extraordinary takeover in various European countries, with Albanian drug traffickers acting on a permanent basis directly in South America and the Netherlands, controlling the departures and arrivals of cocaine loads in European ports, especially in Antwerp and Rotterdam ”. The investigations also revealed that the large sums of money obtained from the cocaine trafficking came recycled through Chinese companies operating in the Netherlands and England.

De Raho then congratulated “the Public Prosecutor of Florence, protagonist with this operation of a great moment in the fight against drugs, demonstrating its ability to project itself on the international territory. And this ability finds a solid basis in the effective presence of Eurojust, which connects and coordinates investigations at European level ”.

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