They lost 16,000 results in the covid test. patn pouvali excel


Since 2007, new XLSX format files have been used to store Excel documents. Support for the previous XLS format has not disappeared from the application, but it is a mistake to use it in new documents. They have now been convinced of this in a very eastern way in the British government agency Public Health England (abbreviated PHE).

Its staff is working to create a complete list of positively tested people decided to vyut Excel and CSV automatically sent the records coming from the laboratory processing the test samples to it. The resulting tables in XLS format were the main source of information for further data processing, including the route of any contacts.

Jene. Formt XLS is limited to a maximum of 65,000 dk, which is enough to know about 1,400 test results (one result takes several blanks). Once this number was reached, the other records were simply not stored and were not saved.

Each day, the system did not save an average of 1,980 results, and no one noticed, 8 days passed. In total, almost 16,000 positive testers escaped the attention of hygienists and other health care organizations, and at least thousands of dangerous contacts were not shaken.

It is surprising that PHE has chosen Excel for a given bed, which is not at all possible for such use, together with Word and PowerPoint, it is a part of the Microsoft office suite for general home and office work, not a tool for mass data processing. The sad fact is that if a new XLSX format was chosen, it probably wouldn’t get to the bottom of the problem.

No PHE changes the system for processing the result, using Excel spreadsheets and so on. To be sure, however, the acquaintances search for smaller groups.

Due to Excel, the names of human genes have also changed

The Excel spreadsheet was the reason for more than 27 human genes, because their writing was often misinterpreted by Excel.

For example, the Membrane Associated Ring-CH-Type Finger 1 “gene, which is abbreviated as MARCH1, was written to Excel by 1-Mar., Ie the first run. And users forgot about it, moreover, the need for repeated routine settings must have been very annoying.

How she blew study from 2016, which examined genetic data published in 3,597 scholarly articles, about twenty percent of them were noted by the error.

The problem should be solved by a new standardization of gene names from the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee, abbreviated HGNC. MARCH1 will be the new MARCHF1, SEPT1 will be SEPTIN1 and so on.

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