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Was launched “Let’s be useful”, the traditional solidarity campaign of the Municipality of Berazategui that calls on the community to donate school supplies and collaborate with the Public Schools of the district. All proceeds will go to students.

The main objective of this campaign -organized by the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the municipal Labor Department- is to help those who need it most, so that they do not abandon their studies because they lack the necessary materials. Within this framework, local companies, businesses, institutions, neighbors and neighbors are called to donate school supplies and fabrics to assemble kits and make cartridge cases for students in vulnerable situations.

In this regard, the director of Productive Development of the Ministry of LaborCaesar Magdycz, details: “Every year the local productive sector, the educational sector, the residents of Berazategui and the institutions participate, in addition to the municipal State. The answer is always very positive; the mayor, Juan José Mussi, emphasizes that the community is strengthening”.


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“This initiative is articulated with other programs, such as VolBer Volunteering and the Emprender Fair. In addition, part of the campaign is linked to the Municipal Literacy Program, of the local Ministry of Culture and Education”, adds Magdycz.

And he concludes: “Those interested in participating can call 4356-9200 (Ext. 1179), Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or write to [email protected] You can also go to the Secretary of Labor, located on the 3rd floor of the Municipal Building (14th avenue between 131 and 131 A). We will receive donations until the end of February. During the first week of March the kits will be made and we will deliver them the second week”. PA

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