They investigate the death of a young man in the middle of a police procedure in San Francisco Solano

Place of the event

A 23-year-old young man died on Monday while being reduced by three policemen who had arrested him because he was riding on a stolen motorcycle. Everything happened in a service station in San Francisco Solano, Quilmes district.

The event occurred on Avenida Monteverde at 6500, when Horacio Cevallo and his partner went to the place to sell a Honda Stone motorcycle, which had been stolen in the southern district of the Buenos Aires suburbs. However, they did not know that the buyer with whom they had previously agreed to the transaction by Facebook, in Cevallo put the vehicle up for sale, was the true owner, Gustavo Serrano, 30 years.

Serrano had reported that same morning that his motorcycle had been stolen. The man a few hours later found it published on Facebook, bought it again and agreed with Cevallo the place of delivery at that YPF service station. So when the seller arrived at the place aboard the motorcycle, he was immediately reduced by three police officers, who were in the open and accompanied Serrano to the transaction: two of them from the Buenos Aires Police of the Florencio Varela section and one more from the City Police. At that time, the young man died of cardiac arrest.

After Cevallo’s death, the prosecutor intervened in the case Leonardo Kaszewski, head of UFI No. 4 of Lomas de Zamora, who described the event as an investigation of causes of death and notified the police for non-compliance with the duties of the public official. He also seized their regulation weapons, but did not stop them.

According to police sources informed Infobae, Cevallo’s couple testified and said that their boyfriend was not aware that the motorcycle was stolen when he bought it. He added that they had bought it that same morning at Florencio Varela and that Cevallo was dedicated to buying and selling items on social networks. He also said the man had heart problems.

In this way, the investigators study what happened and if the officers are responsible for the death, a situation that could change the classification of the event and complicate the police. At the moment, the prosecutor Kaszewski ordered the seizure of the security cameras of the place to be able to observe the sequence of events and awaits the statement of the officers to determine what happened.

The place of the event in the Buenos Aires town of Lanús.

The place of the event in the Buenos Aires town of Lanús.

An incident also occurred yesterday that involved a Police officer, when a City Police officer who was on duty and was driving a rental car killed an alleged thief and wounded his 16-year-old accomplice when they tried to rob him by posing as passengers in the Buenos Aires town of Lanús.

The incident occurred at 10:45 p.m. at the intersection of 9 de Julio and Suipacha. According to the first information, it all started when two young people asked for a trip through the Cabify application. The driver who arrived at the scene aboard a Honda Fit was Gastón Lorenzo Cortez, 30, an officer who works at the 4C neighborhood police station in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca. The man was free and on his days off he works as a driver for that platform.

According to Cortez, once the journey began, the false passengers assaulted him and one of them took out a firearm, pointed it at him and demanded the delivery of money. At that time, the driver would have identified himself as a policeman and pulled out his regulation 9mm caliber pistol and shot them several times.

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