They have a triple 50MP camera, a 5000mAh battery and 4GB of RAM, Samsung A04 only 2 million

Technology, – There is no need to spend a big budget to get a smartphone specific fascinating, Samsung A04 with 2 million you answer the challenge.

The needs of the digital business can be met Samsung A04 with a combination of 50MP camera, battery 5000 mAh complete with 15W fast charging and 6.6 inch screen with 90HZ refresh rate.

Active functionality Samsung A04 This can understand the usage patterns of your smartphone and optimize the power so that its performance is more efficient, making it easier for you to watch videos, content and browse applications to be more comfortable without worrying that your device is running out. .

Good thing, Samsung A04 It also supports 15W adaptive fast charging function, so you don’t have to wait long to charge the battery and you can resume your activities immediately.

Plus, the benefits Samsung A04 it has a 50 MP rear camera. It is undeniable, with price combination scope Samsung A04 quite capable with a large camera and battery.

price Samsung A04 for 4GB / 64GB: Rp 2,099,000

detail specific Samsung A04 :

Screen: 6.50 inch PLS LCD,

Resolution: 720×1600 pixels

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