They got it.. Remember the Argentinian cheerleader who mocked the green?!

On the sidelines of the World Cup matches in Qatar, Saudi fans took revenge on an Argentine girl who had mocked the level of the Saudi national team.

Shortly before the match that reunited Al-Akhdar with the Argentina national team last week, the girl appeared and said that her country’s national team would train against the Saudi national team.

They caught him and she confessed!

The Saudis do not seem to have forgotten this speech, having taken the girl from the new video, and one of them asked her opinion once again after the historic defeat that befell the national team of her country, with the victory of Al-Akhdar on it with two goals to one.

Amusingly, fans asked the Argentinian girl to acknowledge the strength of Al-Akhdar’s performance.

She, in turn, was forced to confess and also offer blessings.

The video circulated on Twitter received a huge interaction from the pioneers of social networking sites, garnering hundreds of likes and shares.

It should be noted that the Saudi national team is preparing to meet its Mexican counterpart today, while the two teams aim to obtain one of the qualifying cards for the round of 16.

Al-Akhdar beat Argentina by two goals to one last week, in a result that FIFA has described as historic.

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