They give Slavi a party office next to the National Palace of Culture free of charge


ITN first of the young political forces with state property without rent

“There are such people” will be the first party in the new ruling coalition to receive free state property for party headquarters.

At its meeting on Thursday, the government will agree to allocate the property, it became clear from the agenda for the weekly meeting of ministers. The proposal of Deputy Prime Minister Grozdan Karadzhov (a quota of ITN in the government) is for Slavi Trifonov’s party to allocate a property on the central Sofia boulevard “Vitosha” 148. ITN will use the second floor of a block at this address.

“There are such people” receive the right to use state property free of charge.

From the beginning of 2020, the parties represented in parliament can use state property without paying rent. So far, however, only GERB has benefited from the then-proposed changes to the law on political parties at the suggestion of the MRF. The reason is that all other parties simply stopped paying their rents instead of submitting documents to the Sofia regional governor for free use. So they have accumulated debts and until they are cleared, they cannot get their power plants. The BSP was even threatened with expulsion from Positano 20 by Stefan Yanev’s caretaker governments, but an agreement was eventually reached to defer debts to the regional government.

The right to free state property was part of legal changes passed in response to Slavi’s referendum to reduce party subsidies. For a short time in 2019, the party subsidy was reduced from BGN 11 per actual vote to BGN zero. Then the MRF passed the text about the free power plants. Months later, however, the subsidy was raised to BGN 8 per vote, but the right to grant power remained. “There is such a people” is the only party at the moment that does not receive BGN 8 per vote, but only BGN.

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