“They gave us two drugs to mark Maradona”

The former defender and now commentator, Massimo Brambatigave an incredible testimonial to the program Hyenasin which he spoke of the massive use of doping in football at the turn of the 80s and 90s. Here is what was highlighted:

Micoren was a drug and I took it practically every Sunday. Your lung capacity increased. A few years later he was banned and found to be doping. They looked like Zigulì and I took many – added the former defender –. That’s why i am very worried, according to the fact that there may be a correlation with these medicines and all the things that have happened to ex footballers over the years. With Gianluca Vialli I participated in the military World Cup, when you see someone you shared something with die these things come to mind. I’m also worried about all the drips I’ve had before matchesI don’t know exactly what could have been there, except that they told me that there were sugars or that there was this adrenal cortex, banned later“.

Brambati at Le Iene, doping before the games

But how and where were these drips administered?
O the evening before the match in the hotel, or the morning of the match. And since I’ve done several and I’m certainly very worried. There were very particular environmental conditions: 100% humidity, 30 degrees, they helped you to get back to being efficient in the shortest possible time. It was a very strange effect, I remember until 5, 6 in the morning I was looking at the ceiling because I couldn’t sleep“.

Massimo Brambati at Le Iene

The FIGC forbade talking about it

The former player also tells of when tried to speak publicly about the contents of those IVs:I was somewhat advised to keep quiet and not to talk about it anymorenot to follow up on it. From who? From the Italian Football Federation. They sent me a letter, distrusting me to talk about these situations againotherwise they would have taken action. But the skin is mine and I would like someone to tell me that there is no correlation between what we have caught and some diseases that often occur on football players.

Il Mico’s it was a pill that you took and swallowed half an hour before the match in the locker room without hiding. The doctor gave it to youyou knew your performance would likely improve.”

When he had to mark Maradona

And practically no one resisted: “No, I’m telling you the truth. Keep in mind, however, i I was 19-20 and you didn’t even ask too many questions. I even scared my dad once, after a game. I was marking Maradona that day. And when I went to the bar to have a drink with him, I couldn’t hold the cup because all the liquid was pouring out, my hand was shaking. My eye was quite glassy and my father noticed, he asked me, but I didn’t have the courage to tell the truth, let’s say ”.

To the question if Micoren helped him mark Maradonathis is Brambati’s answer:
You couldn’t mark Maradona even with three Micorens. But there was also another preparation they gave us, which was called He has meera a tablet that increased reflexes“.

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