Technology They filter a possible State of Play dedicated to...

They filter a possible State of Play dedicated to PS5 games


PlayStation 5 It is one of the most anticipated consoles of the year and Sony is slowly releasing new details of the console. Tom Phillips, a journalist for Eurogamer, assured that in August there will be a State of Play dedicated entirely to PS5 video games.

“I look forward to Xbox! And a reminder that PlayStation plans to shoot in a State of Play soon after …”, said the publisher of the medium on his Twitter account.

In addition, the journalist added that “Sony still has first and third party things to announce. It seems that they have been quite smart holding out (presenting) some things.” So everything seems to indicate that PS5 still has news saved from the console to surprise its followers.

It should be remembered that on July 23 the Xbox Games Showcase, where Microsoft will present new video games of the Xbox Series X and more news of the titles that the machine will have.

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