They encourage children to practice sports

Professor Cándido Morínigo of the María Auxiliadora Soccer School.

The María Auxiliadora Soccer School, located at kilometer 5.5, Acaray side of Ciudad del Este, has been working on the training of children from the community with the aim of keeping them away from all kinds of vices. It works in one of the neighborhood squares.

They practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the afternoon and are in charge of Professor Candido Morínigo. “We who want the boys to do sports also study. Many parents ask why they don’t practice every day and it’s precisely because they have to go to school”.

He remarked that the footballer is now not only required to have quality in sports practice but also intellectuality. “That’s why we demand that they go to school and practice twice a week at their soccer school.”

He recalled that he began his career as a soccer player at Cerro Corá de Campo Grande. “I played from 1980 to 1983. I was the only player who was transferred to the Guarani club at that time in 1984. I didn’t get to the first one, only in reserve, but I learned a lot. I was in the 1984 champions. Cayetano Ré was our teacher, ”he said with nostalgia when receiving La Clave, in full practice.

He mentioned that he later went to play in Resistencia for a year, then toured various leagues in the interior of the country, such as Fernando de la Mora and Caacupé. “Since 1993 I have dedicated myself to the soccer school, it is a passion that I carry in my blood.”

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