They don’t mind my opinions! Ilona Csáková is not allowed to sing at a concert for Moravia

Ilona Csáková is furious. The well-known singer was originally supposed to perform at a benefit concert at the Kyjov summer cinema for those who are dealing with the consequences of a devastating tornado. However, the organizers no longer count on the artist and from the event, which will also feature Pokáč, Václav Hudeček or Jožka Černý, they took her out. The reason is Csáková’s candidacy for the Chamber of Deputies.

“We thank Mrs. Ilona Csáková for her willingness to perform at the Benefit Concert in support of the victims of the devastating tornado. Unfortunately, due to the announced candidacy of Mrs. Ilona Csáková for the parliamentary elections, her speech at this apolitical event cannot take place, “informed the Municipal Cultural Center in Kyjov.

I just wanted to help

The decision of the organizers was very disappointing for Csáková, because she allegedly did not expect to have a political appearance at the event. “I just wanted to sing and thus help, obviously and apparently it is not an apolitical action,” she said for Super singer. She later expressed herself on the social network. “I cannot help. The organizer canceled my performance at a charity concert for Moravia, “she wrote about the article.

“God, what kind of organizer is that? The person can have the opinion he wants, but if he wants to help good things – I don’t understand this, “one of the fans supported the singer.” So it’s very pathetic, hold on, “another commentator added. “And do you know why? For my attitudes and opinions, “Csáková added indignantly. The fact that the organizers would be bothered by the singer’s opinion, but the Kyjovans fundamentally disagree. They would reportedly cancel their participation in any singer who would be politically involved in any way.

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“It is an apolitical event, we do not have a single problem with Mrs. Csáková, but because a few days ago she announced her candidacy for the Chamber of Deputies for the South Moravian Region, we said to ourselves that unfortunately we will have to reject her offer because we are really doing it as an apolitical event.” Ladislav Pavluš, director of the Kyjov Municipal Cultural Center, told the Super Director, adding that if the singer had published her candidacy after the event, there would have been no problem with her participation.

We take it as a policy

Director Pavluš also denies that the main reason was the singer’s attitudes. “If it was because of her opinions, we wouldn’t even invite her to a concert, that’s logical. Everyone can have the opinion they want, it’s really nothing personal, but when she published her candidacy, we take it as a policy, “added Ladislav Pavluš.

Nevertheless, the singer will be able to get a taste and sing at the Concert for Moravia today. It is organized by the wife of the actor Pavel Trávníček Monika, who is not at all interested in the singer’s approach to politics. “I don’t think politics should be involved in these concerts. I am very happy that Ilona Csáková, like other artists, will perform at our charity event without the right to a fee and will try to lift people’s spirits at least a little. Ilona Csáková has nice songs and I hope that together with other artists she will bring people a little joy in difficult times, “she told Super Trávníčková.

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Ilona Csáková sings the song Now I’m the Queen with Monika Absolonová and Bára Basiková.

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