They discover the first flamenco of WhatsApp in an Egyptian site


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  • Clapping and tapping would have been used to wake the mummies

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities surprised last April with the discovery of “the largest city ever found in Egypt” of some 3,000 years old. But he was even more surprising today when he announced that among the hieroglyphic remains found is the figure of a woman with red flamenco clothes and a festive attitude.

Raúl Peláez, Egyptologist, remarks that invitations to the party were common in hieroglyphic writing: “Representations of food, bonfires and, why not, flamenco were used, which has been a symbol of celebration even before flamenco existed” . In fact, before today it was believed that, like any other human advance, flamenco had been invented in Madrid.

This discovery certifies that the emoji iconography is not entirely original, although there were already indications of this; A few years ago it was discovered that Egyptians used the symbol of a blue double V to indicate that yes, they had read, but did not want to have coffee with you.

Peláez is hopeful to find more about the contemporary emoji alphabet: “I am not going to stop until I find the black guy from WhatsApp,” he says without hiding his emotion.

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