They develop a mask that warns of the presence of Covid through the mobile phone


Rachele Merino

The effectiveness of the mask in containing Covid-19 is more than proven, but now a Chinese scientific team has developed a mask that not only helps prevent contagion but also warns the wearer that Sars-cov-2 is in the environment.

These researchers tested the mask – which is also capable of detecting the influenza virus (H1N1) – in a closed chamber. They sprayed the viral surface protein with liquid and aerosol on the mask and made the sensor embedded in it respond to a minimum of 0.3 microliters of liquid. This amount is between 70 and 560 times less than the volume generated by a sneeze and much less than that of a cough or speech. Once the mask detects the virus, it notifies the user of its presence via mobile phone in just 10 minutes.


The creative team of this mask points out that “it would work very well in spaces with poor ventilation, such as elevators or closed rooms, where the risk of contracting the infection is high”. The next step, as explained by the developers of this project, the results of which have been presented in the magazine ‘Matter’, will be to work to further shorten the detection times and increase the sensitivity of the sensor.

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