They decided on the mother who killed her child in Zelazno


The mother, who killed her child with a knife on June 1 in the village of Zhelyazno, enters a psychiatric hospital. The deadline for appealing the measure imposed by the District Court in Plovdiv expired today, a reporter told The coercive measure was imposed by a decision of the District Court in Plovdiv. No appeal was filed in the District Court by the legal deadline, which means that the decision of the first instance court comes into force. And that is “accommodation in a psychiatric institution”.

30-year-old Liliana stabbed her 8-year-old girl with a knife, and then stabbed herself in an attempt to kill herself. The child died from his wounds on the way to the hospital. And she survived, despite the dangers to her life. In the hospital, the mother was placed under arrest and spent days recovering.

Forensic examination showed that he has a mental illness, from which it follows that he will not be responsible for his actions. Based on this conclusion, the prosecutor’s office proposed the compulsory medical measure “accommodation in psychiatry”.

The tragic case remained a mystery to the residents of the village. No one suspected that Liliana Halkalieva had a mental illness. She looked after the child as a single mother, but with the help of her mother and uncle, with whom they live in the same house.

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