They create holograms you can feel

With this technology, you will be able to feel any holographic object or person as if it were real.

If you are a fan of science fiction movies or series, you will surely remember those holograms that allow people or objects to move around a room as if they were really there, feeling a sense of closeness or even to touch.

While this Hollywood-engineered technology is still far from a reality, at least the holograms we have today focus on medical, educational, and even entertainment fields and can be put to good use.

But that could change, as a group of researchers have been able to to create holograms that can feel. Specifically, it was developed by a group of researchers from Glasgow university create a system of holograms that will allow you to feel them using different air jets.

These air jets called aerohaptics would be able to reproduce the situation of touch “allowing the fingers, hands and wrists of people to feel”, he says. Ravinder Daahiya, researcher on the project published in Advanced Intelligent Systems.

“Over time, this might allow you to meet the virtual avatar of a coworker halfway around the world and really feel his handshake,” Daahiya explains in an interview to the conversation.

Best of all, to experience this feeling of touching no gloves are needed, just a system of nozzles that blow air with the right amount of force on yourself to feel the sensation of touching.

To test their technology, they showed how a user could feel a basketball, even touch it, roll it and bounce it convincingly as if it were real.

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“The tactile feedback of the system’s air jets is also modulated based on the virtual surface of the basketball, allowing users to feel the rounded shape of the ball as it rolls with their fingertips as they bounce it and of the palm when it comes back ”, says the researcher.

In principle, this technology would be more intended for entertainment, video games, to offer much more convincing experiences, especially in the field of augmented reality.

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