They could not live one without the other

in photo: Hubert and Kalisa (Foto: Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens)

Together a whole life in captivity and Thursday in death, which also happened at the hands of man. It is the story of Hubert e Kalisa, a pair of African lions from the Los Angeles Zoo, both subjected to euthanasia, so as not to suffer one from the sudden loss of the other. A decision taken by the zoo to intervene on their health conditions and age-related diseases, on which veterinarians could have done nothing.

Hubert and Kalisa born, raised and died in captivity

Both in Los Angeles for six years, Hubert was 21 years old, while Kalisa was 22, and they had surpassed the estimated captive average of 17 years. He was at Licoln Park in Chicago then she joined him from Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. There was a unique bond between them. In recent times, unfortunately, they have been struggling and have hardly eaten. This is why the vets and the top managers of the zoo have decided to greet them, suppressing them. A love story that has bound them inextricably, born and raised in captivity in an area dedicated to them, without ever knowing the savannah and without unfortunately spending even one day of their existence running free.

Los Angeles Zoo: “We will miss them very much”

“Hubert and Kalisa are a symbol of the Los Angeles zoo, our staff and guests were moved by the deep and beautiful relationship between them,” said Denise Verret, director of the Los Angeles zoo. “Their longevity is truly a testament to the level of expert assistance that our veterinary and animal care teams provide to our older animals. These lions will remain part of the zoo’s memory and we will miss them very much.”

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