They considered themselves healthy or in good physical condition. Nevertheless, they ended up with a more difficult course of covid in the hospital – ČT24 – Czech Television

With a more severe course of the disease, there are more than three hundred patients in hospitals. Two of them also in the Ostrava University Hospital. Miroslav Homola felt the symptoms of covid-19 immediately after returning from a holiday in Croatia. “When I came back, the next day the problems started,” says Homola. According to him, everything had a very rapid decline.

He had never had a chronic illness before, he considered himself perfectly healthy. Nevertheless, he ended up as a serious patient in the intensive care unit. “Upon arrival, they put me first on oxygen, artificial respiration, and then immediately put me to sleep. I was in artificial sleep for 31 days, “describes Homola.

Doctors disconnected him from the devices 10 days ago. “Since then, it’s been managed every day, which hats off,” he says. But he is still dependent on hospital care.

A firefighter whose condition worsened a week after the infection was confirmed

The disease is also difficult in other people who thought they were in good shape. Pavel Antoš makes a living as a professional firefighter and his condition deteriorated sharply about a week after he found out that he was positive for the coronavirus.

“I had pneumothorax on one lung. The worst part was breathing, when the lungs burst, one really gasped for breath. So I breathed it all the time myself, “Antoš describes his illness. He no longer has the virus in his body, but is still struggling with the consequences of lung damage.

But for most people, the disease is still milder. “During the quarantine, I just lost my sense of smell, that was the only indicator that I had the disease, and otherwise we are asymptomatic, the rest of the quarantine will be at home,” describes Lukáš Randák. He is an actor and singer, covidem-19 apparently became infected in the theater.


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