they come from all over France to celebrate the 60 years of Renault’s 4L

It’s a myth that is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year! Renault’s famous 4L came out of the diamond brand’s factories in August 1961 … For a little over 30 years, nearly 8 million copies of this indestructible car have passed. A myth on wheels in the spotlight all this weekend in Côte-d’Or.

The 4L entered the French automotive legend through the front door © Radio France
Thomas Nougaillon

The members of the “4L – R6 Club de France”, the official club for enthusiasts of this old vehicle, a little “carved like a billhook” but so endearing, spend the weekend in our department. About thirty of them came from all over France for a stroll around Seurre, Nuits-Saint-Georges or Beaune until Monday inclusive (for some) on the occasion of a national gathering of “4L” lovers.

Gilles came on purpose from the Parsian region with his wife to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 4L in Côte-d'Or
Gilles came on purpose from the Parsian region with his wife to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 4L in Côte-d’Or © Radio France
Thomas Nougaillon
From vehicles to
Vehicles with “sacred faces” these 4L © Radio France
Thomas Nougaillon

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Victor Da Silva, works at the Renault garage on avenue Eiffel in Dijon. This enthusiast explains that in the 80s, the goal of the manufacturer was to compete with another legend of the French automobile. “It’s the so-called ‘blue jean’ car, the president at the time wanted to compete with the 2 CV so he said ‘make me a car for everyone’, that’s it”.

Never more than 110 on the highway!

These 4L fans are housed at the agricultural school of Chamblanc near Seurre. After visiting the Imaginarium of Nuits-Saint-Georges on Saturday, this Sunday morning from 8 a.m. you will be able to see them near the Hospices de Beaune, Monday morning they will visit the château d’Entre-Deux-Monts in Concoeur before resuming road home at 100-110 km / h maximum on the highway!

Find this report in the morning newspapers of France Bleu Bourgogne this Sunday morning from 7am to 9am (98.3). You can also click on the links above.


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