They clarify credit card scam to a business

July 4, 2022 – 11:34
After an investigation, a man was identified as the main suspect of having made purchases online at a company that sells computer supplies with credit cards that did not belong to him.

Criminal prosecutor 2, Ramiro Ramos Ossorio, provisionally charged a 31-year-old man as the perpetrator of the crime of fraud.

The investigation began with the complaint of the owner of a company that sells computer and electronic supplies in the city of Salta, upon learning that online purchases made in December 2021 with 3 credit cards were unknown to him.

The investigative tasks allowed to determine that the online purchases were made with three credit cards that did not belong to the buyer and that the withdrawal of the products valued at around 400 thousand pesos, were made by two remiseros, who would have been hired for the task. .

With the data provided from the affected business, the taxi drivers involved and the tasks carried out by the investigative groups, the main suspect was identified in the city of Pichanal, who coincidentally owns a similar business in that city.

With the necessary elements of conviction, the intervening Court of Guarantees was asked for a search warrant and arrest of the suspect.

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