They charge Telefónica, Telecom and Telecentro

The Undersecretariat of Actions for the Defense of Consumers (SSADC), which reports to the Ministry of Internal Trade, charged the companies Telefónica, Telecom and Telecentro for alleged breaches in the technical service, administrative failures and delays in the delivery of products. Through consumer complaints, the SSADC detected that 22 percent of the complaints filed during May at the Single Window for Consumer Defense Claims and the Service of Previous Conciliation in Consumer Relations were related to problems with communications services, becoming the item that received the most complaints.




Both Telefónica de Argentina SA (Telefónica and Movistar) and Telecom Argentina SA (Telecom, Personal, Fibertel and Cablevisión) and Telecentro SA would provide an inefficient technical service because they do not solve the flaws in the telephony communications, nor the inconveniences in the connections TV and internet. In addition, they excused themselves in the restrictions imposed by the sanitary emergency for not making repairs, despite the fact that the companies have specific protocols that establish guidelines for entering homes, when it is absolutely essential.

The complaints to the three companies also pointed to administrative breaches since they would not carry out the processing of the withdrawal of the service or the change of plan in a timely manner and generate improper debts for the user.

In the case of TelefónicaThe delay in the delivery times of purchased products and problems with portability procedures were added, since it was indicated that the company does not send the chip, or does so with delays. However, the billing of the service is carried out as if the user were having the product as normal. In addition, there were problems with the execution of the guarantee of the products purchased, since the company does not inform and does not arbitrate the means for exceptional solutions in the framework of the pandemic.

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In Telecentre, users indicated that customer service channels are deficient, both by phone and via the web. Once communication is achieved, they set an appointment at the consumer’s address, which they fail on successive occasions. They even pointed out that discounts are not made for the periods in which the company did not provide the service.

All the accusations for alleged infractions to the Consumer Defense Law (Law 24,240) were notified on June 25 and the companies have 5 days to exercise their right to defense. Consumers can write to [email protected] or on Twitter @DNDConsumidor. Also enter your claims for breaches at

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