They ask for 16 years in prison for a neighbor of El Verger who kept weapons of war and explosives at home

A neighbor of El Verger who had an inordinate fondness for firearms will sit on the bench of the Audiencia of Alicante next week. He will be tried on Wednesday and Thursday for the alleged crimes of depositing weapons of war and possession of explosives. The Prosecutor asks for him a sentence of 18 years in prison.

The neighbor did not have a gun license. However, the Civil Guard learned that he could store rifles and pistols in a space attached to his house in El Verger. The agents entered the house in April 2015. They found a workshop specialized in handling firearms. They also discovered a veritable arsenal. The neighbor kept a shotgun, a pistol, two rifles, three assault fusions, two more rifles and a carbine, among other weapons. In addition, he possessed weapons capable of being rehabilitated, such as two machine pistols and a “kalashnikok” type rifle. The agents found 10 kilos of gunpowder and 17,700 cartridges of different calibers were seized.



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