they are worth gold and you don’t know it

Silica sachets: here are the uses and why they should never be thrown away. They are worth a real fortune and you may not know it.

Silica sachets –

The sachets of silica gel (silica gel) can be found everywhere: from shoe boxes to coats and jackets pockets. The silica sachets are square in shape and have a size of a few centimeters.

Inside the sachet there are small transparent spheres of silica gel, which allow to protect the products from humidity by having a drying function. Can the silica gel sachets be reused? They can be very useful for some daily problems: here are the uses of silica gel sachets.

Silica gel: what is it?

Il gel of silica it is a non-toxic product that can be used as a desiccant as it allows moisture to be absorbed through an absorption process. This chemical-physical process allows to protect the products inside the boxes and packaging.

Silica sachets: what are their uses?

The silica sachets are inserted inside the shoe boxes by footwear companies. This allows you to eliminate all kinds of bad odors through the absorbing power of the silica gel.

silica sachets
silica sachets how to use them –

It can happen that your smartphone gets wet: silica sachets can be used for absorb moisture. They can be placed in the wettest parts of your home and allow you to keep important documents and books intact.

The silica gel sachets can also be inserted inside the drawers to prevent underwear, towels and any other item of clothing from smelling damp. The silica gel sachets allow you to smell the clothes fresh as if they had just been washed.

Often i tricks they are left in the drawers in the bathroom or in your room and, over time, can become unusable. The silica sachets allow you to extend the life of eyeshadows, blush and powder if they are stored inside the makeup case.

Silica gel is a powerful one anti-mold: the sachets can be stored inside the boxes and packaging that we keep in the cellar or in your garage.

Silica sachets can counteract the oxidation of metalsFor example, silver tends to darken, but thanks to silica gel it is possible to keep silverware intact.

Silica gel helps dry the flowers: just insert the sachets inside an empty vase with flowers to facilitate drying in the best way.

Here are the best ways to use silica gel sachets – they’re worth a fortune and maybe you didn’t know that.

silica sachets
silica sachets how to use them –

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