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Women’s rights

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Tens of thousands of people demonstrated across the United States on Saturday to defend the right to abortion, threatened by an unprecedented offensive by Republicans, especially Texans.

Her mask and her slender grandmother’s air hide an epic fighter. Barbara Grossman, a protester among the thousands gathered on Saturday in Foley Square, in lower Manhattan, to defend the abortion right violated in Texas, was already marching nearly fifty years ago in support of the legendary Jane Roe, the anonymous complainant of the famous “Roe v. Wade ”to the Supreme Court, whose victory in 1973 had founded the right to termination of pregnancy throughout the United States. “I never believed that it was an invulnerable gain, recognizes this retiree from Brooklyn. But from there to imagine that at 77 years old I would see the rights of women violated with such violence, such cynicism… No. ”

Around us, in the square, the banners «Fuck Abbott» Where «Abort Abbott» designate the first target of this Women’s March, a women’s march in some 600 simultaneous demonstrations across the country. The Republican governor of Texas and instigator of one of the most draconian anti-abortion laws in American history (even excluding, after only six weeks of pregnancy, the exceptions …

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