They announced the passage to permanent plant of almost 15 thousand Buenos Aires state workers


The Buenosairean government announced this afternoon the regularization of almost 15 thousand state employees who were in a situation of job insecurity, among them the fellows of the health area, who will become part of the permanent plant, as reported during an act headed by Governor Axel Kicillof in La Plata.

“We had passes to the plant owed for 638 and 8,808 Health area workers who had been left in conditions that did not correspond. In all the hospitals I found out about people who had won competitions and the resolution that gave them that right never came, “said the governor.

“In the midst of this time, we are giving some certainties, which is our commitment to state public employment, even with an emergency and the pandemic. We are trying to create a way to improve living conditions, “said the president.

“These measures are the product of 6 months of study and an effort by the State to fulfill our commitment. This announcement involves 15,000 workers. Among them the fellows who were workers in the province and more than 1,900 are more than 5 years old, “he added.

For his part, the Chief of Cabinet Carlos Bianco said that “we are to make announcements about public employment, claims that the workers who were pending and that had been generated in the previous administration. The first point is the move to the floor of the last section the previous management, are 638 agents ”.

“We are advancing in the regularization of the location contracts for services known as single-tax, we are going to move 3,724 workers to a temporary plant, which implies substantial salary improvements,” Bianco announced.

And he added: “We resolved the transfer to permanent plant of all the scholarship holders in the Health area, which was a complaint, there are 1909 scholarship recipients, and hospital career personnel designations that add up to 8,808 appointments.”

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