They announced a Serbian woman as the most beautiful in the world

In the match with Cameroon, a brace from Mila Kunis appeared, replacing the Croatian Ivana Knoll

A currently unknown Serbian fan has been named the world No. 1 beauty after appearing at the match against Cameroon.

The Mila Kunis impersonator caught the attention of the stands and the cameramen focused on her several times.

The girl was wearing short white pants and a T-shirt with “Serbia” written across the chest.

The Serbian replaced former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll from first place, who she has dominated since the beginning of the championship.

The Belgrade media are already actively looking for who exactly is the fan who appeared at the “Al Vakra” stadium. Certainly not one of the footballers’ wives because they are famous.

However, the Serbs could not make her happy, allowing an upset of 3:1 to 3:3.

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