They Always Think I Don’t exist

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid (Source: Ariana News)

ACCEPTED, KOMPAS.TV – Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid mocked the United States (US) that the Afghan government could never arrest him.

Mujahid said he was always under their noses without ever being caught.

Before the Taliban returned to occupy Kabul and take control of Afghanistan, Mujahid claimed to work in the shadows and like ghosts.

“They (US and Afghan soldiers) used to think that I never existed,” Mujahid told The Express Tribune quoted from NDTV.

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“I was able to escape repeated attacks and their attempts to arrest me, so they thought Zabihullah was a fabricated figure, not a real person,” the 43-year-old said.

Mujahid has always been able to move freely in Afghanistan, even staying in Kabul for a long time.

Apart from being believed to be an engineered figure, there was also speculation that Mujahid was actually more than one person.

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“US soldiers usually pay locals to look up information about me. With that information, they launched a number of intelligence operations to find traces of me,” he said.



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