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With the aim of continuing with the strategies to stop the spike in virus infections Covid-19in Nuevo Laredo a new vaccination day was carried out in which 700 vaccines were allocated to be applied in first and second doses, as well as reinforcements to babies, children, adolescents and adults.

This campaign, coordinated by the municipal Health Directorate, was carried out last Thursday, January 26, and took place in the Community Center Francisco Villa”, located on Iglesias Calderón street between Doroteo Arango and Huasteca streets in the neighborhood Francisco Villa from border town.

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Neolarendeses attend the vaccination day

Neighbors who live to the west of the city attended the day of anti covid vaccination that the municipal government carried out in the Francisco Villa neighborhood, to take care of the health of the Neolaredians.

It is the second time that the Health Directorate it is transferred to the colonies to bring vaccination closer to children, young people and adults in order to provide greater protection in the event of infection.

“It’s okay because it’s close to the colony and we already needed the vaccine reinforcement, thank you very much for the support you are giving us”, mentioned Selene Santiago, a neighbor of the sector.

While the citizen Víctor García, stated that in this way it is easier to go to get vaccinated because of the proximity, “It is a good option for the residents of here to be provided, so that everyone tries to get vaccinated and be protected, we recognize this action by the municipal authorities,” he pointed.

“I’m going to feel safer”

For her part, Mrs. Karen Ivone Martinez Antoniowho came to apply the second dose to his daughter, thanked the municipal administration for bringing the vaccination day closer in the neighborhood, since it is easier for them to move in the same sector.

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“It is very important that it was done here, because that way we no longer have to move, for those of us who do not have a car, the location is very good here. With the vaccine for my daughter, I will feel safer,” said Martínez Antonio, citizen.

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It is worth mentioning that on this occasion the vaccination day in which the first dose, second dose and reinforcement were applied, and in which 700 vaccines were allocated, was carried out in the Community Center “Francisco Villa” of Nuevo Laredo.

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