They accelerate second doses and towards the weekend they will score at +25

With the arrival in the country of three shipments of vaccines, with a total of 2,051,000 million doses, the City will focus on complete vaccination schedules for older adults who have already fulfilled the interval of 12 weeks between both applications and will continue to scale the campaign towards the youngest in Buenos Aires territory. On the one hand, completing the vaccination among the over 30 years old who have already registered. And on the other hand, opening the registration to over 25 years towards the end of this week; it could be between Thursday and Friday.

And in parallel, evaluating -and mainly, internally debating- the possibility of opening the spontaneous demand for vaccines, as is already the case in the Province of Buenos Aires where, since Saturday, in some districts the first dose is applied to those over 40 years of age without a previous shift. Initially this week, the City will begin immunizing the people on the street; Of course, due to the situation of vulnerability they are going through, they will not need to register.

Throughout this Monday, three shipments with vaccines arrive: the first of 733,000 AstraZeneca doses, from United States. These are vaccines whose active component was manufactured in Argentina and were packaged in that country and also in Mexico. In the afternoon, they arrive from Moscow 550,000 second components of Sputnik V. And at night, from China they land 768.000 dosis de Sinopharm.

Of this total volume of vaccines, the City could receive between 133,315 and 143,570 (between 6.5% and 7%). Of these totals, between 35 thousand and 38 thousand are Sputnik V.

Vaccination in the City. With the doses that arrive this Monday, they will advance to complete schedules and on the weekend they would begin to enroll those over 25.

According to data from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health, there are currently around 60,000 people who have completed the 12-week interval between the application of the first and second doses. Most with Sputnik V. Component 2 of this immunizer is different from the first. This circumstance, and the global shortage of these vaccines, generates a growing concern and anxiety among those waiting for the second dose.

The City expects to have the vaccines in 48 hours. “We hope to apply them between Wednesday and Friday“, informed sources of the local Ministry of Health.

Regarding the younger population, the area informed Clarion who were registered 135 thousand residents older than 35 years and another 117 thousand older than 30. “The quinitlo +35 is practically vaccinated, and there are about 25 thousand people over 30 years old,” they detailed.

In parallel, and in view of the delay in the arrival of the second doses of the Russian vaccine, the Argentine health authorities are already testing the dose combination from different laboratories. In the City, the study combines component one of Sputnik V with AstraZeneca and Sinopharm. In the Province, research is being carried out with six possible combinations, logically with the three vaccines available in the country.

With the current rate of entry of vaccines, and the Buenos Aires territorial campaign, more than 50% of the total population is inoculated with at least one dose: According to official data, between December 29 and July 11, 1,644,616 first doses were applied and 426,529 completed immunization with the second.

And although the City has logistics to apply up to 35 thousand vaccines per day -depending on the number of vaccinations and personnel-, many times the campaign shows very low inoculation figures, as happened on Sunday, when 5,686 doses were applied.

This situation generates an internal debate in the Buenos Aires government. There are officials who understand that it would be convenient enable vaccination on demand, that is, without shifts. By age groups and certifying the address of those who come to the vaccination centers. They assess that in this way they could reach the neighbors who for various reasons not yet registered: “Although vaccination in general is very widespread in the City, there are people who need one more option to make the decision. And we believe that this possibility of approaching the posts without a shift and without registering previously, it can help to continue summoning those who are missing. “

But the detractors of this idea understand that this could happen later, when the City has a larger stock of vaccines. Which is not happening today. For example, according to official data -available on the official website- 1,644,616 first doses of 1,649,883 received were applied; in other words, the remaining available is 5,267 doses.




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