TheSoul Publishing and Optibet open offices in the Origo One business center

Commercial director of Linstow Baltic and t / c Origo Evija Majevska admits: “The office plan of the Origo One business center provides everything a modern, dynamic and development-oriented company needs. This has been achieved by investing in modern technologies, nature-friendly building solutions and interior design, as well as taking care of the tenants’ work and daily useful services. In implementing the Origo One project, we paid special attention to the fact that it is also a long-term contribution to the well-being of society and the observance of the principles of sustainable development. The business center has managed to create a unique layout and facilities: graphical navigation is provided in the common areas, a division into neutral-business and active zones is determined, paying attention to the accessibility of the environment for people with disabilities. Particular emphasis should be placed on green walls and green areas, such as five stylistically and symbolically distinct gardens on the fourth floor, which is an extremely important factor in increasing work productivity and emotional comfort. ”

“Optibet / Enlabs Group” office space “Origo One” will occupy an area of ​​1153 m2, but “TheSoul Publishing” – 1948 m2 with the aim to add another 930 m2 by September this year. The company’s team currently consists of more than 1,500 employees in 70 countries. “Our company produces original and popular entertainment content, attracting millions of followers and subscribers worldwide,” said the head of the company. Artūrs Mamedovs. “Latvia’s advantage is its presence in the European market and talented specialists with excellent language, creative and technical skills. As we create creative video content in 19 languages ​​for global consumption, such skills are in high demand.”

Chief Human Resources Officer, Optibet / Enlabs Group Oleg Karpushenko: “When looking for new office space, we focused on making the premises modern, suitable for a dynamic work environment and energy efficient. “Origo One” proved to be an excellent combination of these features. “

In March of this year, the new building of Origo, including the Origo One business center, won the 1st place in the competition “Latvian Construction Year Award 2020” in the nomination “New Public Building”. As part of the large-scale project, the underground car park has been expanded for the convenience of visitors, providing space for up to 130 cars, including electric cars, as well as a spacious, safe and easily accessible bicycle storage for 72 bicycles (additional bicycle stands for 50 bicycles in public outdoor areas) and free self-service bicycle repair stations. .

On the first three floors of the new building of the shopping center “Origo” there are comfortable premises for trade and service providers, while on the upper three floors of the building there is a business center “Origo One” with innovative Class A offices. Origo One offices have also been set up by companies such as Narvesen & Caffeine, Hili Properties, Colliers International, LETA and the TVNET Group. The Origo One business center has a total of 11,500 m2 of Class A office space. The new BREEAM rating “Excellent” has been received for the new business center “Origo One” already at the design stage, which is the highest rating received by any of the shopping centers in the Baltics so far.

Linstow Baltic (LB) is one of the leading developers of long-term real estate projects in various segments in the Baltics, including office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, parking lots and more. LB has been operating in this sector since 1996. In Latvia, the Bank of Latvia manages and develops the Origo shopping center, as well as the largest shopping center in Estonia – Ülemiste. In the center of Riga, LB is developing a modern, nature and social environment friendly business center “Origo One” and a city quarter. More information:

The advertisement was created in cooperation with the Business Center “Origo One”

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