these zodiac signs are most often found in Forbes

Success and prosperity for these signs are destined by the stars themselves.

“Getting on the Forbes list” is a more ambitious goal, perhaps, it is difficult to imagine. Many, looking through the rating of the richest and most influential people of our time, also dream of being in it one day. Of course, purposefulness and diligence are the main assistants in achieving the desired result. However, according to astrologers, the date of birth also plays an important role. The experts found out which characters most often get into Forbes – there are only four of them.


Representatives of the air sign are always well developed intuition. They anticipate fashion trends and take on the organization of a profitable business before everyone else even lifts a finger.

And they are winning.

Liliane Bettencourt, Frenchwoman and co-owner of L’Oreal, was born under the sign of Libra. The fortune of the entrepreneur was estimated at 46.6 billion dollars and at one time brought her fame as one of the richest women on the planet.


The main secret of the success of Pisces is that they are engaged only in the business that brings them real pleasure. Therefore, they generate new ideas one after another, develop their business, in a word, do not stand still.

Australian and American media magnate Rupert Murdoch was born just under the sign of Pisces.

The man, who is worth $13.3 billion, is rumored to be the inspiration for Logan Roy, the protagonist of the HBO series The Descendants.

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Those born under the sign of Cancer successfully combine creativity with rationality and an entrepreneurial streak. They are hardworking and responsible, and therefore reach unprecedented heights in business. One of the brightest representatives of the Billionaire Cancers is Elon Musk. 306.9 billion dollars – he has such an impressive fortune today. In 2021, Musk became the first person in world history to exceed $300 billion in cash.


Responsible, purposeful, stubborn people are born under the sign of Taurus. They are ready to work day and night to achieve impressive results. At the same time, the natives of the earthly element know the value of money and do not squander it left and right. Among the Taurus billionaires is American David Koch, who has earned about $50.5 billion.

He is known not only for entrepreneurial, but also for philanthropic activities.

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