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This Friday the list of celebrities who will participate in the second season of Masterchef Celebrity, one of the most successful gastronomic programs in the world. Will be 18 those who will have to face the feared judges and will record in Colombian lands.

Along with the announcement of the new members, the executive producer-Francisco Callejas placeholder image– He said that there will be news. “Obviously one of the most important is the return of Yann Yvin. (…) He continues to surprise us with his charisma and rigor, so we are very happy “.

And I add, “We must surprise the applicants, we must create new dynamics, we must always look for new alternatives on how we are going to choose the best chef for this 2021 version”.

Those selected for this version of Masterchef Celebrity

Who will be present in this new version are:

Alvaro Lopez, musician.

Nataly Chilet, journalist and model.

Nelson Avila, political.

Josefina Velasco, actress.

Fred Round, image consultant.

Rap flower, singer.

“Chicken” Castillo, famous Chilean influencer.

Camila Recabarren, model, ex Miss Chile.

Gaston Bernardou, Argentine musician from “The Authentic Decadent”.

Yamila Reina, actress.

Julio Milostich, actor.

Tutu Vidaurre, model.

Rodrigo “Chicken”, Chilean announcer.

Claudia Miranda, dancer.

Rodrigo herrera, journalist.

Begoña Basauri, actress.

Felipe Berríos, actor.

Cristina Tocco, actress.

About the casting, Callejas He assured that all Covid-19 measures were respected and that choosing those who will enter was a challenge. “There were many phone calls, video calls, many meetings in which we had to capture all that interest, all the essence of the people that we in one way or another believed they could contribute.”

Regarding the operation of the program in relation to the pandemic, he assured that even more measures will be taken than those recommended by the authorities. And he also explained that in Colombia they have already had two seasons and have not had any problems, ensuring that it is an advantage for them.

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