These Symptoms of High Cholesterol Are Sometimes Unnoticed, It’s No Wonder Many Are Missed

Symptoms of high cholesterol that are often not realized. – Symptoms of high cholesterol in fact can not be felt by everyone.

There are some people who do not feel any symptoms when the cholesterol level in their body is high.

But there are also those who can feel the symptoms because their cholesterol levels are too high.

So the most accurate way to find out cholesterol levels in the body is to do a test at a health facility.

Symptoms of High Cholesterol

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One of the emergency events that could be a sign of high cholesterol is a heart attack.

Because cholesterol levels that are too high can cause damage to the arteries.

So that it can trigger a sudden heart attack.

In addition, when high cholesterol will occur the formation of plaque in our arteries.

Plaque narrows the arteries, so less blood can pass through.

From this incident, headaches arose that never ended because blood flow was obstructed.

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