These super funny scenes from the Harry Potter books clearly should have been in the movies

After we got back on the funny inconsistencies in the world of Harry Potter, we stay in humor and magic but this time it’s what we haven’t seen that we are looking at. Eh yes, there are many funny moments in the 7 volumes of J.K. Rowling but many have unfortunately not been adapted on the screen, examples.

“Yes sir”

Snape always so nice

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry takes out one of his best valves in full course. As Snape asks him if he remembers some of the spells he talked about, Harry answers him a “Yes” all dry. Snape takes it back, insisting that he answer “Yes sir”. And Harry who never misses one: “There is no need to call me “sir”, professor “. Admit, you too would have liked to see Snape’s face when hearing this.

The rumor launched by Ginny

Ginny from the movies “> Ginny movies”/>
Ginny books> Ginny movies

It’s a surprise to no one, the character of Ginny Weasley was massacred in the movies when she is rather brilliant in the books. An example is when she tells Harry that she told Romilda that Ron had a tattooed blister on him specifying “but I didn’t tell him where”.

McGonagall’s cookie


Brilliant in the movies but even cooler in the books, Minerva McGonagall has a keen sense of justice and has shown it repeatedly. For example when Harry gets angry and ends up yelling at Dolores Umbridge and that, rather than punishing him, McGonagall simply said to him: “Take a cookie, Potter”. Perfect.

“Can I see your Moon?”

Ron always subtle
Ron always subtle

In Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry and Ron have ears hanging out during their divination class – normal. And when Lavender says that she saw the Moon on her parchment which represents the planets, Ron takes advantage of it: “Hey Lavender, can I see your Moon?”. A joke that works great in the original version too but with the planet Uranus which replaces the Moon. We let you think about it;)


Dum dum DUM ...
Dum dum DUM …

If you know Harry Potter well, then you know that in Harry Potter at the Wizarding School, Voldemort is hiding under Quirrell’s turban. Suffice to say that we would have liked to see the scene where Fred and George bewitch snowballs so that they go to smash themselves on the turban of Quirrell … and therefore in full face for Voldemort.

This moment when Hermione forgets that she is a witch


Still in the first volume, Ron, Harry and Hermione find themselves trapped in a Devil’s Net when they approach the Philosopher’s Stone. A little moment that makes Hermione panic until Harry told him to light a fire since the plant likes humidity and darkness. “Yes, of course, but there is no wood! “ exclaims Hermione who begins to panic severely. Fortunately, Ron is there to reassure her oklm: “YOU’RE CRAZY ? yelled Ron. YOU ARE A WITCH OR WHAT? “. Hard to forget anyway …

The Creevey brothers

Aaah Colin ...
Aaah Colin …

Colin Creevey is part of the Harry Potter films, but his little brother Dennis was ejected and that’s a shame. In premiere fanboys, the Creevey brothers offer moments as funny as they are annoying. Like for example when Dennis falls into the lake in the 4th volume and describes it as the best experience of his life !! And his brother agrees !! Everyone has their own delirium!

The Weasley Twins


Impossible to list all the jokes made by Fred and George in the books. But we already know that they are much less numerous in the 8 films and that they clearly not been used to their full potential. It’s a shame since between the toilet bowl that they had promised to Ginny then tried to send to Harry, their mockery in front of Percy or even the many tackles that they put on everyone, it could have brought a lot of LOL in addition.


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