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The stars monetize their presence on social networks. photo credit: Instagram screenshot @emily_ratajkowski_official

From Jason Derulo on TikTok to Emily Ratajkowski on Instagram, more and more celebrities are making ends meet through social media. If their incomes are very important, they sometimes remain lower than those of influencers born on these new media.

Stars monetize their presence on social networks

He is one of the few celebrities to communicate openly on this subject. In an interview given to the American newspaper


, Jason Derulo, world famous singer, admitted to monetizing some of these TikTok videos. With his millions of subscribers on the Chinese social network, the singer receives more than

75.000 dollars

by video, for certain content posted from his account.

This substantial amount partly explains the omnipresence of the artist on TikTok. Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski also regularly posts sponsored content, mostly on


, without it being known how much she earns per post. Many media mention 6-figure sums per sponsored publication.

This is also the case for certain sportsmen, such as Lionel Messi, who would receive close to

500.000 dollars

by sponsored post on his Instagram account. The palm, on the social network


nevertheless returns to Kylie Jenner who, in 2018, received nearly

one million dollars

brands per post from her account, making her one of the youngest billionaires in the world (the influencer is only 24 years old).

Influencers paid more than stars

But the highest paid Tiktokeurs on the platform are most of the time stars born on this social network. According to the magazine


in 2021, these celebrities won

$55.5 million

an increase of more than 200% in their income compared to the year 2020. Some of them charge up to

500.000 dollars

the sponsored publication from major brands such as McDonald’s or Amazon. The average income would fluctuate

between 100,000 and 250,000 dollars

for a publication.

In the top 3 of the most fortunate influencers of TikTok, we find in the first position Charli D’Amelio who touches nearly

$17.5 million

in revenue for the year in 2021 thanks to 133 million subscribers on the social network. Big American brands like Invisalign, Dunkin’ Donuts and Morphe are ready to pay a fortune for content sponsored by the influencer.

In second place, we find Charli’s older sister, Dixie D’Amelio who won

$10 million

in 2021 thanks to its 57 million subscribers. The young woman has also recently launched into the song to distinguish herself from her sister.

Finally, in third position, we find Addison Rae. In 2021, it accumulates nearly

$8.5 million

revenue thanks to its 86 million subscribers.

Discover Jason Derulo’s new villa

Close to

$3.6 million

. That’s how much singer Jason Derulo paid for his new home in the Encino neighborhood. A 480 square meter villa with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, built on a 900 square meter plot. The living room has a beautiful stone fireplace and the property has a swimming pool with waterfall as well as a soundproof cinema room. A dream villa, for the singer / Tiktokeur who is a hit with his millions of subscribers.

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