“These people behind the Democratic Progressive Party are gangsters.” The curator called “Chen Legislator”

The curator blasted the DPP live, noting that “these people behind the DPP are gangsters” are inseparable from his shooting. Image: Extract from the curator’s youtube channel

[新頭殼newtalk] The candidate for mayor of the Democratic Progressive Party of Taipei, Chen Shih-chung, lost the election, while He Zhiwei, deputy of the same party, stressed that “there is a gangster at the centre”. In this regard, Chen Zhihan, the director of the curator, also scolded “these people behind the DPP are gangsters” in the live broadcast, and pointed out that Chen Mingwen, a member of the DPP legislator, had promised the bill 2 Fire in series of shots.

The museum director criticized the DPP for being “full of lies, full of lies for young people to resist Chinese protection of Taiwan and to protect freedom. Laws, tax laws to curb this.” And he added, “In 2019, many lawmakers promised that the people of Taiwan must use the hoarding tax?” As a result, 2 years have passed, but housing justice has not been realized. He also revealed that during the two meetings with Tsai Ing-wen, he promised that “we will change with an open mind”, but “did you change what I said? You asked the cyber army to come and kill me and fix my arrogance”, shouting hypocrisy at this.

In addition, the director appointed Chen Mingwen, a member of the legislature, who had promised to revise the law on guns and gangster organizations, so far it will only be sensationalism, with no follow-up. “This is the organization behind Tsai Ing-wen. Order the people behind Tsai Ing-wen.” He also believes the shooting of him has an absolute relation to the Democratic Progressive Party.

The curator’s director said that after 2 years no one could be caught. “Why don’t you review the law? Because it will harm your own people; why don’t you arrest the older brother? The older brother is someone within the Democratic Progressive Party. Tsai Ing-wen, do you know how much nonsense the people behind you are doing?”, and even insinuated that “these people behind the DPP are gangsters”. I wonder if these people are now manipulating the judiciary, the economy and the police. Will there still be justice?

The curator also pointed out the reason for the DPP’s defeat in the election, saying, “The margins have abused the average voters like garbage. These people don’t like Taiwan, and they continue to fight against Chinese protection of Taiwan.” Indeed, “This is what I want most in this election. All the people who can influence the election are here. These people are neither blue nor green nor white.” Blue and green have their own foundations and are the so- called third force. The curator frankly said that although he quite supports the ideas of President Tsai Ing-wen, he also supports the ideas of the Democratic Progressive Party. The hips have been thoroughly washed “it’s a miracle.

The curator emphasized that there is evidence for these observations. “DPP lawmakers He Zhiwei, Gao Jiayu and Wang Shijian all came forward to speak, which is proof.” He also pointed out that more and more people from the DPP will come forward in the future. There will be no tickets next year.

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