These days are awesome! Knomjean spread marriage certificate show Suggesting her husband to take it to work – the bangkok insight

Another hot topic that the online world has been heavily criticized. For the clip in which Mia holds the marriage certificate, invades the middle of the police husband’s wedding with other women Which the mother-in-law who did not agree with this wedding had slapped the head of the son who was sitting listening to the chant Until becoming a talking about in the online world a lot

And from the current news about Mia-Mia The relationship is hidden and hidden so that the mother is red label like a singer. Kanomjean Kunmat Sarasas Even with an in-by-size movement via personal Instagram @knomjeankulamas By posting photographs showing documents of marriage registration with the young husband Ken Khan Phet Sarasas Ready to write a caption stating that

“Father, can you bring your marriage certificate to work? Hahahaha) Our house has written in. 2 years ago, I am afraid I forgot to tell I did not intend After consuming a lot of news, we would like to support the Royal Wives Team.

Being a wife is challenging, becoming a mother is more challenging and difficult. At the expense of the sweat and the sacrifice of the mother I would like to encourage all mothers, both warm and single-minded families. Everyone has their own value ❤️ “

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