these companies that still resume service

In the midst of a health crisis and while the peak of the coronavirus epidemic is still to come, experts say, some employees who cannot telecommute will go back to work starting this week. While confining the population, the government urged businesses and employees to be civic-minded to avoid an overly massive slowdown in economic activity.

Partial activity resumption in Airbus factories

The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, which decided on Tuesday March 17 – after the confinement announcements – to suspend its production and assembly activities in its French and Spanish factories, the time to clean up and put in place the hygiene measures necessary, hopes to resume partial activity on Monday, according to the Reuters news agency. In France, the Airbus factories in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, Stelia (100% subsidiary of Airbus) in Méaulte, Airbus Helicopters in Marignane, as well as the Airbus Defense & Space sites in the Paris region and Toulouse, are thus concerned. .

Activity will however slow down. It is a “ very partial return to activity “, Says the union CFE-CGC to AFP. In Toulouse, around 10% of staff (around a thousand people) are expected between Monday and Tuesday on the assembly lines of the A320, A330 and A350 families, and at the Airbus delivery center, according to this union . Employees working in shifts should perform six-hour shifts so as not to have to cross paths once their working time is over, and allow time to clean the tools, workstations and changing rooms, explains Françoise Vallin, CFE-CGC coordinator within the Airbus group.

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Armor Lux restarts its sewing machines to make masks

As of Monday, the thirty seamstresses of Armor Lux will return to work. The ready-to-wear brand based in Quimper, in Finistère, decided to relaunch its machines to make masks, after having stopped them on Friday. 3000 pieces should leave the workshop each day, anticipates Jean-Guy Le Floc’h, the owner of Armor Lux. Its employees will work in a refurbished workshop: “ We dismissed the workstations, disinfected the machines. We take all usage precautions “, He assures the regional daily Ouest France.

In construction, some construction sites should resume this week

Construction workers are also expected to return to work in the coming days. After a tense week between building professionals, who deemed it untenable to continue the construction sites while the population was to remain confined, and the government, which urged companies to continue their activity deemed “ essential “In the country’s economy, common ground was found on Saturday between several ministries (Ecological Transition, Economy, City, Work) and three professional building organizations (FFB, Capeb and FNTP).

reorganizations “And” practice adjustments “Could allow the continuation of the activity, write these actors in a joint press release, published Saturday. “ adapted procedures »Respect for barrier gestures and distance between employees will be imposed. A “ good practice guide », Validated by the government, will be distributed by professionals. “ The main contracting authorities at the national level and the prefects at the local level will coordinate and prioritize the projects to be continued or revived “, Also specifies the press release. “ Particular attention will be paid to construction sites at the homes of individuals when they are present “Again indicate the federations and the ministries.

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Despite this agreement, the CGT Construction-Bois-Aménagement called on employees in the sector on Saturday to “ stay confined to (them) Except for a few activities deemed essential such as the making of coffins or the maintenance of nuclear power plants. For its part, the Order of Architects advocates reduced activity to “ minimum service of general interest “, for “ meet emergency needs in private homes and public service buildings

While in Italy non-essential businesses close

In reverse, in Italy, the country most affected by the coronavirus, the president of the Italian Council Giuseppe Conte announced Saturday that all the companies had to close until April 3, except those essential to the supply chains of the country. Namely: supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, post office, essential public services and transport.


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