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These ‘cholesterol’ stocks are slammed, sinking 20% ​​more

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Stocks that shot up significantly in a short time have a high chance of falling down in a short time as well. Some stocks that occupy the ranks of the top losers this week are examples.

Data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) noted that the five stocks with the most significant decline in market capitalization value fell more than 20%.

The stock that led the sharpest decline was PT Duta Inti Daya Tbk (DUTA). This beauty retailer with the Watson brand in a week’s price fell by 29%.

Before the sinking, this stock was raised high. However, in terms of volume, it is very small, aka illiquid.

Second place top losers occupied by shares of PT Jaya Agra Wattie Tbk (JAVA). Shares of issuers engaged in the plantation sector fell 25% in a week, after a sudden significant jump followed by a sudden increase in volume.

The third rank is shares of PT Berkah Beton Sedaya Tbk (BEBS). This issuer, which is engaged in the trading of construction equipment and materials, has actually only been a public company for a long time.

BEBS has been officially listed on the domestic stock exchange since March 10 with a share price of Rp 100/share. In the last trading week (11/6/2021) BEBS share price closed at Rp 690/share. Within a week its market capitalization shrank 25%.

However, when compared to the price at the initial offering, the capital gain reached 6.9x. The transaction volume of this stock has also been observed to increase only recently after previously trading quietly.

In fourth position is the issuer of telecommunication tower providers, namely PT Inti Bangun Sejahtera Tbk (IBST). After being lifted high, the IBST stock price slammed and experienced a correction of 22% in a week.

Lastly, there are shares in the finance company PT Verena Multifinance Tbk (VRNA). The issuer, who is still associated with PT Bank Pan Indonesia Tbk (PNBN) and Mizuho bank, also flew high. But after that it was slammed. The volume of transactions is also not very liquid which reflects stocks with high cholesterol.

Seeing a significant decline in a short time is an example that stocks that are high in cholesterol are easy to pick up and easy to slam so that they can really make a heart attack


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