these chalets open in the midst of a health crisis, was it a good idea?

Finding the right balance… It is not easy in these times of pandemic to reconcile tradition and a festive spirit with the necessary sanitary rigors in order to stop the spread of the virus.

Voices are rising

In Montbéliard, like “the example of Angers”, underlines Marie-Noëlle Biguinet, the mayor, we tried to spare the goat and the cabbage with the installation of eight chalets offering solid and liquid to swallow. A way of recreating, a bit, the usual Christmas atmosphere.

Except that by observing the actions of certain customers, voices were raised.

“We don’t care about the world”

“My daughter works at the hospital. When I see nearly 200 people gathered in front of a chalet, masks lowered, drinking and talking, I tell myself that we don’t care about the world, ”Nicole analyzes, based on national data which point the finger at Bourgogne Franche-Comté regarding the spread of the virus.

“Seeing this, can we really be surprised? »Resumes the lady. On social networks, others abound in the same direction, denouncing irresponsible attitudes and a certain leniency of State services.

“Our police officers cannot be everywhere at the same time”

“The municipal police are running and ensuring that people do not clump together like this but our police officers cannot be everywhere at the same time”, replies Marie-Noëlle Biguinet.

The chalets are scheduled until January 20. “In view of the situation, I am not sure that they will stay until this date”, nuance the city councilor.


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