These are the worst slogans of 2020. Perhaps you don’t use them either

The end of each year brings with it a list of the worst passwords. Still, it is safety Recently pushed and promoted by large companies, some users are unable to learn. They still use comically funny slogans, which would break a first-class child in 5 minutes. Let’s take a look at you together worst slogans of 2020.

The worst slogans of 2020

Data provided by the company NordPass, which claims that the most popular passwords are still numbers “123456” or simply “password”. These passwords have long been called the worst and people still use them. In addition to them, we can find other stupidities in the list, such as “000000” or “123123”. It is said that it usually takes to crack these passwords less than one single second. However, passwords are also used “qwertyuiop” or “Asdfghjkl”, which are basically contiguous letters on the keyboard.

worst slogans of 2020

A new password has appeared here “picture1”which, according to NordPass, is new. It is said that it usually takes a break three hours, which is still very weak. The password is similar “Million2”, which contains at least a capital letter, but was still broken more than 162,000 times. This is just another proof that even if you add a capital letter and a number, you have not won. You can read the complete list on the website NordPass.

What do you say to these passwords?

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