These are the winners of the photo competition

from Sara Petzold
The official Cyberpunk 2077 photo competition is over: CD Projekt Red has announced on the official Twitter account which fan submissions have taken the top three places in each of the categories.

After weeks of negative headlines, there is finally something positive to report about Cyberpunk 2077, because the developers at CD Projekt Red have announced the winners of the #Shutterpunk photo competition. Fans could send in a screenshot with a scene from the futuristic role-playing game in each of the three categories of portrait, action and sights. The developers then picked three winners each.

CD Projekt Red has now announced on Twitter which fans have taken the top three places. There was also an “Honorable mention” place for each category. The submissions are quite impressive and impressively prove the creativity with which the cyberpunk community went to work when selecting its screenshot motifs.

The winners in the Portrait category look like this:

The category Action won these pictures:

Impressive lighting conditions determined the podium in the third category, Sights:

CD Projekt Red congratulated all winners via Twitter and wrote:
“We will be contacting all winners via direct message, so make sure you check your messages. We hope you continue to show off your skill with our in-game photo mode and take our breath away!”

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While some fans congratulated the winners of the photo contest on Twitter, others insisted on criticizing the developers again for the release disaster of their role-playing game. CD Projekt Red has a lot of work to do before the negative comments on Twitter die down.

Those: Twitter

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