These are the wages in Biedronka after the increases in 2022! Here are the salaries of a warehouse worker, salesman and manager [19.01.2022 r.]

Biedronka has been at the forefront of supermarkets in our country for years. The chain of stores is popular among customers, but also as an attractive place to work. In Biedronka stores, employees can count on increasing their salaries on a regular basis. In January 2022, further increases were prepared for them.

From the new year, Biedronka decided to raise the salaries of its employees. Also in Kujawsko-Pomorskie. Wages change in all positions. As estimated by Biedronka, about 60 thousand. employees will receive a salary increase in January 2022! See how the salaries of employees of this popular chain are changing.

That’s how they pay in Biedronka after the increases in 2022! Earnings from warehouse keeper to manager

In the gallery below, see how you earn in 2022 in Biedronka. We present the salaries of the warehouse worker, seller and manager.



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