These are the requirements so that the COVID-19 vaccine can be produced & used immediately


Before being mass produced and given to the public, the COVID-19 vaccine first passes through three stages of clinical trials. At each stage of testing, the research team will evaluate the side effects of the vaccine.

Member of the National Immunization Expert Advisory Committee Prof. Dr. dr. Soedjatmiko, Sp.A (K) said that if one of the clinical trial phases of the vaccine is declared to have serious side effects, vaccine development cannot be continued to the next stage. Currently, the COVID-19 vaccine that will be used in Indonesia is in the third clinical trial phase.

“From the clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines one and two that have been carried out, there have been no complaints of serious side effects. If from phase one there are already complaints, they will not proceed to phase two. two, it will not be continued in phase three clinical trials. And in this clinical trial, the government continues to coordinate with various parties, “said Prof. Soedjatmiko in a written statement, Monday (26/10/2020).

He explained that the third phase of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial is being carried out in Bandung. There are 1,620 volunteers who were involved to test the effect of the vaccine.

“There are (volunteers) who have only been injected once and some have received it twice, and no complaints or serious side effects have been found in this phase three clinical trial process. The government has also entrusted research and testing to vaccine researchers and supervisors,” he said. reviewed Prof. Soedjatmiko.

The doctor who is also the Secretary of the Immunization Task Force for the Central Executive of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) reminded that vaccines are not a cure for COVID-19. Even though vaccinations have been carried out, health protocols through the 3M movement (wearing masks, maintaining distance, and washing hands) must still be followed. In addition, 3T activities (testing, tracing, treatment) also continue.

“Vaccines are only one of the efforts to stop today’s pandemic. Vaccines cannot replace washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining distance and avoiding crowds,” said Prof. Soedjatmiko.

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