These are the plans of the NYPD to ensure safety during the 9 11 | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

the 20th anniversary of Sep 11September.the new york cop gotberenice garner tells usabout how they are preparing.berenice: the authoritiesThey ensure that they have all thedisplaced resources. theirintelligence forces and theirus men in uniform.also security cameraswhat are they monitoring what happensin the streets of the greatApple.[habla en ingés]the secretary of securitynational affirmed in front of thepolice headquarters againyork there is no threatspecific and credible againsttown.ensures that the commandsspecials who work inset they have eyes andenergy put into thedomestic prove it, they allowed usenter the heart of theiroperations.this is the command center ofthe new york cop, thebig wings of the floor.on each of these screensyou can see the sitesas important as they aremonitoring every minute.the mayor clarified that not onlyare based on caring for the areazero, but the whole city.[habla en ingés]thanked the secretary foreconomic aid that hasallowed to blue departmentequip yourself to respond toany attack. so whatwe went to ask ourpeople how do you feel.>> I feel super safe.berenice: will you leave tomorrow?>> of course, tomorrow I’ll go out with youcheer up.What is going to happen.berenice: to the head of thepolice to guarantee thesecurity on a date that weremember that we are foldable.[habla en ingés]He said that he invitedeveryone to go out to enjoy.Alexandra says she doesn’t want tobe a bird of bad omen.>> exactly, one alwaysfeel the fear like it or not.berenice: it is guaranteeing thatthere is security.>> but one can be trusted.Berenice: they have all the reasonand for that they made a callall of you score goessomething suspicious and that does not soundwell, call immediately


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