These Are the Parts of a Comet, Let’s Learn!

RBG.ID – A comet whose beauty is usually awaited from the earth.

Comets are a type of celestial body that revolves around the sun in oval, parabolic and hyperbolic orbits. There are two types, comets actually have 4 parts that we need to know.

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The first part is the core. One of the densest parts of the entire comet. The different sizes are formed from the volatile ingredients of ice.

The second part is the comma. The fog that surrounds the comet’s core region. This area becomes denser when the comet approaches the sun due to the comet’s core vapor.

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The third part, hydrogen. This layer is invisible to the human eye. This fog that surrounds this coma has a diameter of up to 20 million km.

The outermost part of the comet is the comet tail. The glowing gas that will appear forms a tail-like shape. This is due to friction and evaporation when approaching the sun.

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