These are the new presenters of ‘The warmest week’

New approach, new faces. De Warmste Week will also look very different this year. How exactly, the VRT announced on Tuesday. But the banners are already known: Gloria Monserez (20), Kawtar Ehlalouch (24) and Stéphan Tanganagba (23).

With these three names, the solidarity action of the public broadcaster continues to focus on broadening and rejuvenating. In almost all previous editions, Studio Brussel took the lead. At the last full-fledged Warmest Week, presenters Eva De Roo, Joris Brys and Fien Germijns were the regular faces. This time Gloria Monserez is the only one from the youth channel’s camp. Monserez has been presenting the evening block there since the beginning of this year between 9 p.m. and midnight.

Radio station MNM in turn provides the morning voice of Kawtar Ehlalouch, the sidekick of Peter Van de Veire. Flagship One fishes from the Everyone famous-format Op kot the Kortrijk student Stéphan Tanganagba op.

The exact plans will remain silent until Tuesday. Then the VRT will present its new concept at 11.55 am on the radio and via Facebook. However, it seems that youth and the future will be central. That is what Monserez, Ehlalouch and Tanganagba say in a short communiqué. ‘People sometimes say: Those are worries for later. But we, we are later. And we don’t feel like waiting anymore. And you?’

At the end of 2020, De Warmste Week already took a different tack. Due to the corona crisis, no event square was built for the general public, as was the case in Kortrijk the year before. There was also no more money raised for charities. The focus shifted to personal commitment and volunteer work. Even then, Studio Brussel relinquished the initiative and various VRT faces from all channels rallied behind the campaign.



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