These are the items that can be obtained in Minecraft version 1.18, Many are New

TRIBUNPEKANBARU.COM- Just a few days Minecraft versi 1.18 will release.

Game Minecraft This new one will be released on November 30, 2021.

Many are looking forward to this Minecraft version 1.18 game.

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Because, many updates that can be found in it.

You will find different environmental conditions and many additional new conditions.

Soaring mountains and deep caves.

In addition, many more new items can be obtained in Minecraft this latest.

Well, for those who can’t wait to know how Minecraft the latest version, here are the leaks as quoted from Sportskeeda.

Release date

The update will be out this year on November 30th. It will be released at once for all devices that can run Minecraft Bedrock or Java edition.


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