These are the difficulties that Prince Charles will face when he succeeds Queen Elizabeth II later

PR TASIKMALAYA – Based on the results polling which YouGov recently released, Ratu Elizabeth II successfully crowned as a member of the family United Kingdom most popular this year.

While the eldest son Ratu Elizabeth II, that is Prince Charles, had to settle for only being in 7th place.

Even the level of popularity Prince Charles this is still far behind his eldest son, Prince William, who is perched right under the name Ratu Elizabeth II.

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From result polling This YouGov alone, was predictable difficulty what will you face? Prince Charles if ever to proceed throne from his mother later.

According to journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti as reported by from the Express page, the Queen is now loved not only in her homeland but throughout the Commonwealth of Great Britain.

And unfortunately the Prince of Wales will get throne in the near future, it will be less loved by its own people.

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Afraid Prince Charles will not get the support of the people to go up throne replace Ratu Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace is reportedly taking special action.



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