These are the couples from Temptation Island: Love or Leave

In less than a month we can enjoy a new season of ‘Temptation Island’. And this is not just any version, but one with a new approach and a new program title: ‘Temptation Island: Love or Leave’. This series is not about whether the couples can resist the temptation, but whether they are together with the one at all. And these are the couples who are going to find out.

“Is he / she the one? Or is there someone who suits me better?” That’s the question it’s all about Temptation Island: Love or Leave. At the start of the program, the couples give each other the freedom to find out whether they really belong together. So they embark on an adventure as a single. And these they are:

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Denise in Marco

Denise and Marco have been crazy about each other for 3.5 years. The spark was ignited during exercise. The two have been living together in Capelle aan den IJssel for a while. After a holiday with his best friend, Marco’s flame started to go out a bit. Since then, Denise has been a bit more insecure about their relationship and she no longer trusts Marco completely. By participating they hope to take their relationship to the next level.

Image © Tom Cornelissen

Gulcin and Sorelis

The 28-year-old Gulcin has been waiting for years for the moment when the 32-year-old Sorelis gets down on his knees and proposes to her. But unfortunately things happened in their relationship from both sides that made them mistrust each other. That is why they participate in Temptation Island: Love or Leave. When they get out of this together, Sorelis gets down on one knee.

Image © Tom Cornelissen

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Karina and Gregory

24-year-old Karina and her 29-year-old boyfriend Gregory have been together for seven years. And they have been living under one roof for the last two years of their relationship. Karina and Gregory want to be there Temptation Island find out whether the trust in each other is still there. Karina wonders if the grass isn’t greener at the neighbors, while Gregory is already thinking about the next step.

Image © Tom Cornelissen

Jaydi en Sonny

The gorgeous 22-year-old Jaydi has been together for three years with the charming Sonny, 27. The two have a house in Zandvoort and see their future together. But despite that rosy picture, they wonder if this is it. For example, Sonny thinks his girlfriend should become more independent and vice versa Jaydi would like to see her boyfriend become less selfish. By their participation in Temptation Island this couple hopes to find out whether they really belong together.

Image © Tom Cornelissen

Temptation Island: Love or Leave see you from November 26 at Videoland.

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