These are the Autonomous Communities that will ask to go to phase 3 as of next Monday

Widespread requests to move to phase 3 de-escalation, to exception of Madrid. Neither would Barcelona and Lleida pass phase 2.

Sources from the Ministry to laSexta affirm that the provinces of Castilla y León that have requested it will go to phase 3. Central Catalonia and Girona will in all probability join in and maintain that, in principle, the Valencian Community will pass completely to phase 3.

The Madrid’s community you will not request the phase change for this Monday (it is currently in phase 2) and nor will it ask for flexibility measures. “The possibility of going to phase 3 has not been assessed for various reasons. We have already made a series of requests to the Government of Spain to make this phase 2 more flexible, which have not been addressed. In addition, as of June 21, if all goes according to As expected, the state of alarm will decline and with it the phase system “, Ignacio Aguado explained at a press conference to questions from laSexta.

However, the Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid point out that this Monday 15 they will request that the region go to phase 3 of the de-escalation on June 22. The petition argues that “the decrease in COVID-19 cases is very significant and we continue to improve in tracking suspected cases.”

For its part, Castilla y León affirms that it is prepared for the transition to phase 3. According to the Minister of Health, epidemiological data accompany to request the change. However, the provinces closest to Madrid: Salamanca, Ávila, Segovia and Soria, will continue in phase 2.

With regard to Catalonia, They will ask to go to phase 3 Central Catalonia and Girona. Barcelona and its metropolitan area and Lleida (which would remain in phase 2) would be left out of this decision.

Valencian Community (in full), Ceuta and the provinces of Toledo, Albacete and Ciudad Real will also request the Health transition from phase 2 to phase 3.

In the islands, Balearic Islands will wait a week Formentera to go back to the new normal with all the islands.

Outbreaks in the Basque Country slow down mobility

The COVID-19 outbreaks in two hospitals in the Basque Country, that they leave now three dead and 36 infections, have forced the Cantabrian and Asturian Executives to rule out the possibility of opening a corridor between the Basque Country and Galicia that would allow the mobility of its citizens as of Monday.

However, as noted Miguel Angel Revilla in an interview on Radio Euskadi, it is “almost certainly” that next June 19 It will be possible to circulate between Cantabria and the Basque Country. Although it is a pending decision of a meeting with the Lehendakari next Monday.

Own Minister of Health has recognized that outbreaks are taking place. He has admitted it in his appearance in the Congress of Deputies, in which he has referred to those of the Basque Country, whose causes are being investigated and which have been detected “promptly and correctly”.

In the case of the mobility of Galicia with Asturias, the discrepancy between the Principality and the Xunta has weighed on the possibility of lifting the state of alarm as of Monday, a measure rejected by the Asturian Executive. The criterion of “prudence” is the one that has also weighed when Navarra does not lift the restrictions of mobility to neighboring communities. La Rioja will not lift those movement restrictions either.

Galicia wants to enter the new normal

The president of the Xunta de Galicia has asked that the state of alarm be without effect as of this Monday. If fulfilled, the Galicians would begin to live in the ‘new normal’ a week before the rest. Núñez Feijóo argues his request in the low rate of COVID-19 infections.

For its part, the Basque Government rules out moving to the new normal until June 21. They base their decision on both COVID-19 outbreaks detected in Basurto hospital and the Araba Txagorritxu university hospital. At the moment, three people infected by coronavirus have already died.

The de-escalation map since 8J

Currently, from this Monday, June 8, 52% of Spain is in phase 3, the last step before the new normal. As explained by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, in phase 3 the presidents of the communities regain “full governance” and will be able to determine if they allow mobility between their provinces as well as when they reach the “new normal”.

The rest of the country, including the Community of Madrid, Castilla y León, the Valencian Community and part of Catalunya and Castilla-La Mancha, is in phase 2.

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